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  1. I’m a 25 year old female… addicted to retail?
  2. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother   img_1168
  3. I was born in San Diego, Ca, but have lived in Virginia, New Jersey (oh heyyy), Boston…and Vienna, Austria – suffice to say I don’t really know where I’m from or have a hometown.
  4. I was a theatre major and a european studies minor (not sure what that really was, but it allowed me to graduate).
  5. The reason I got into theatre was because I was scared of my english teacher Junior year of High School and the only other class at that time was Shakespearean Drama.
  6. I could live on chocolate, french fries, sparkling water and coffee if I had to.
  7. On my first day of 11th grade I wore fake glasses that I bought from Claires. I lost that pair a while ago but own two more pairs (one with black frames, the other with tortoise shell).
  8. I love to cut people’s hair, including my own, which has resulted in many a panic trip to the hair dresser and even one pixie cut (right before college graduation).
  9. That pixie cut was the second time my hair was that short – before senior year of high school I cut my hair to look like Many Moore (post ‘a Walk to Remember’)
  10. Now instead of cutting my own hair, I cut my boyfriends.
  11. On a similar note, I have a love hate relationship with bangs.
  12. I usually watch an episode (or 4) of ‘Friends’ every night before bed  – it makes me happy.
  13. Sometimes I hoard fashion magazines…
  14. …and beauty products – CVS and Sephora = dangerous territory for my bank account.
  15. My mom and I have the same birthday – the fourth of July.
  16. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  17. I have written a 1 Act Play.
  18. I once helped Conan O’Brien and his wife shop for clothes.
  19. My ultimate style icon is my Grandmother.
  20. I have an affinity for hats.
  21. I love anything with sparkle and/or feathers and/or bows and/or flowers…
  22. That’s me with the brown hair.. and BANGS 378741_593408293059_415184136_n