The title of this post has two of my favorite things in it – fashion and coffee (I know you all were thinking one of them was going to be ‘books’ – but who am I kidding). The truth is fashion coffee table books provide me a ton of style inspiration (disclaimer: some of them might not technically be ‘coffee table books’, but I would proudly display them on a coffee table and thus, I call them that). One of my favorite past times is to get a coffee (Starbucks preferred) and just look at these books – they never get old.

These are the books that are on my night stand. Two of them are not technically ‘fashion’ books. But one of those is a book my boss wrote about LinkedIn and my picture and name is in it (I was a theatre major and this is my claim to fame – not that I’m complaining – its an awesome book) and the other is just an inspiring book my sister gave me for christmas (you know, in case I want to be a better person). LOVE the Victoria Beckham one – she’s not the miserable person everyone thinks she is. Also the Harper’s Bazaar one is very interesting and gives you a lot of fashion history as well.

Stack two:

this is on my second bedside table, that’s oddly next to the first one. The Sex and the City one is kind of a no brainer (I’ll get to that in another post). Also did I mention I love’ friends’.. no? ok I love ‘friends’. My stand outs are ‘I Love Your Style’ and ‘Style A to Zoe’. I must recommend you buy ‘I Love Your Style’ (I think you can even get it at Urban Outfitters) – it truly is one of the coolest fashion books out there. Amanda Brooks goes through all different fashion styles and talks about her personal fashion journey and her fashion icons – I discovered a lot of stylish people I hadn’t heard of before. She gives lots of great tips and also has a blog as well (http://iloveyourstyle.com/). Rachel Zoe.. well is Rachel Zoe (I know a lot of people have mixed feelings on her) its entertaining and fun to read/look at.

my other stacks:

These are just fun books with fashionable people (sorry – characters – def not real people) – great beach reads. Oh, also, sparkly clutches that are yummy!

Then: Audrey Hepburn (I mean it’s Audrey!), Cocktail Dresses and Fashionista – Standard ( I’ll get to jug of nail polish later)..

So there you have it – one great source of style inspiration!