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Happy Friday! Here in Boston it has been raining on and off all week (per my window) and I haven’t been  feeling the best either:

I’m continuously looking for cute and stylish rain gear throughout the seasons that detract from the frazzled mess I usually look like going out in said rain. I kinda dig all colors and patterns of umbrella’s (currently own three different polka dot ones) but am really loving the simple, clear style of the one below from target:

I also just found these classic rain boots at oldnavy.com for a steal (much less expensive than Hunters – which I do love). And as a tip from me to you  – this style is great for all seasons/outfits and what I especially like, is that you can change the laces on them to different colors etc. to switch up the look:

Also, although in truth I don’t really shop at JCrew a lot or even really at all, I love these rain flats below. Very Audrey Hepburn. And I love me some Audrey Hepburn:

She’s only slightly fabulous –

Here’s to some weekend sun and fun!