On Saturday, I woke up (at 11am – cause that’s how I roll on the weekends – and preferably everyday of the week if I could) feeling slightly better and it was finally nice out! My sister was around and up for doing some exploring in Harvard Sq. Although I’ve lived here for 3 years and she’s been able to visit quite a few times, we were able to bop into a lot of stores she’s never set foot in, which was quite fun. Here’s our afternoon in instagram:

Hey Becks – cute outfit!

Her score from a few weekends ago which I’ve been waiting to see – so perdy.

Taking my new Superga’s out for a stroll to break them in. Yes, I do not have matching socks – kinda my thing. Also, I’m getting back into ankle bracelets…

bracelets and chipped nails – standard.

Stopping by the dog park on the way to get coffee (Urban: Sunnies, StyleMint: T, Forever21: Shorts, Superga: kicks, Awkward stance: courtesy of myself) – going for a casual All-American look? It was just the easiest thing to put together for this impromto outing…

Coffee stop at Darwins – waiting for my iced mocha is slightly painful when you have to look at all those delish pastries.

CARLOS!!  Hilarious shirt in the Urban Outfitters bargain basement. If you don’t get this reference, please go see ‘The Hangover’

Mega sized jar of Nutella at Cardullo’s that was imported from Europa. $18 for that baby. Worth it? I didn’t buy it. That’s a little aggressive.

Mars bars! My other sister named her stuffed animal dog after these. CUTE. Can’t wait to mow down on some of these when I head overseas this summer. Yeah, NBD (aka. no big deal), I’m heading back to Europe this summer – so excited!

Oh, and these babies as well – Mozart Kuegel – (sp?)

“Sick” find at Hidden Sweets. I mean, how perfect is this!

Haven’t seen these in a while. Remember when we had sticker books and we would trade them on the playground? No? Just me and my friends…?  You can’t tell me we weren’t cool.

Some of my mom’s favorites and they remind me of the penny candy store on the Cape. Also, they kinda weirdly remind me of some of my necklaces..

I took this one for a spin that afternoon. (Shameless Plug: you can find them on my Etsy store:http://www.etsy.com/shop/abigailbratt)

On our way back from our jaunt in the sq, Becks spotted a ‘cool’ frame that our third floor neighbores discarded on the street after they moved out the day before. I think that’s her favorite find of the day? She jacked that puppy. Knowing her, she will turn it into something really cool. She’s kinda talented like that.

One more thing:

Can you spot my fro-yo?