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Oh hey! A few days ago I snapped the photos below of my outfit for the day. Adding a little boho/tribal to my ensemble felt perfect since it was quite a warm day and I wanted to create an easy, breezy look (along with my sack of a dress – which I usually belt – but really just didn’t feel like it). Also, I was in for a long haul on the bus that morning – super fun – super fabulous.

Adding those kind of accents to a work outfit can be very tough (depending on where you work, of course) and I’m guessing my outfit, even here, might not pass many offices inspections. However, I’m lucky to be working at quite a cool company!

Dress: CP Shades, Necklace: Pangea Boutique in Nashville – I like this and this as well, Earrings: American Apparel, Cuffs: Forever21 – love this one as well, Sunnies: Urban Outfitters – similar here.

Trust me, I could have gone overboard with this ‘look’ in many a way (hats, jewelry, scarves, moccasins, head bands etc. – you name it, I got all the goods in my closet and I love them). BUT I decided to keep it (a little) more professional. I decided to skip the excess accessories and just go with this statement necklace that I HAD to have when I went to Nashville a few weeks ago, small gold hoops and two gold cuffs. Sometimes just a touch of something is enough.

Side Note: It was kind of weird that my hair was straightened, since I NEVER do it, but I had done it the night before, just to see how long my hair really was without the kinks and curls. It makes the look a little more polished (I’m a little polished here right? Kinda? Just a little bit?).

Below are some past/present boho/tribal/hippie etc. inspirations of mine:

Coachella – the festival that is boho CENTRAL

Cher in her hippie days

Ali MacGraw – totally has that carefree vibe

Kate Moss – in Minnetonka boots and fur

Sienna Miller – definitely has the boho style down

Rachel Zoe – considers the boho/70s vibe one of her main styles. Her outfit kinda reminds me of mine. A little.

You can find lots of great items at: Urban Outfitters, Forever21 (for the cheapies), thrift and vintage stores, Free People. PINTEREST for Braids, other hair styles and fashion inspiration in general! YAY