I met Erica sophomore year at college at Drew University. When she confessed to me one of the main reasons she chose Drew was because she had a crush on Drew Lachey (98 Degreees), I died. Instant friends.  Speaking of ‘Friends’ – she knows EVERY line from the show – like me!! Don’t get us started. Also don’t get us started on the Oscars. If I ever get back into acting and by some stroke of genious get to go to the Oscars – she will be my date. FO SHO.

Not only is Erica hilarious, smart and has a huge heart, but she has a great sense of style from which I get a lot of inspiration! Here’s a little about her below:

Name: Erica


Current City: Scotch Plains, NJ

Beauty product I can’t live without: Essie nail polish

Favorite item in my closet: Paige straight-leg jeans

Item I am dying to have: Louboutin pumps

Favorite store to shop at: J Crew

Do I dress for comfort or style: Both — I try to go for shabby/chic

My style in one word: Eclectic

…also we are pretty goonie when we get together

true LOVE