I met Melissa at good ol’ Drew University. I was instantly drawn to the fact that she didn’t care that I was kind of a disaster and in fact, she was very open with me about her life sagas. We were able to talk to each other about everything and find laughter in about every debacle we got ourselves in, which included a semester in Londontown.

In London we discovered our mutual love for antiques and vintage jewelry. When I say Melissa has a great eye for things, I mean she has a great eye for things. She definitely taught me a lot about jewelry and I’m constantly amazed about things she finds on our ‘hunts together’. One of my favorite things to do together when we visit, is grab a big Starbucks and walk around to vintage and antiques stores and catch up on life. It makes me very happy and that’s one thing I share with her, that I don’t with any other friend.

(L) Me wearing jewelry that Melissa and I got together (R) Melissa wearing her blazer that she mentions below

Name: Melissa Toner

Age: 25

Current City: Philadelphia

Beauty product you can’t live without: Aquaphor

Favorite item in your closet: Silence + noise boyfriend blazer in gray

Item you are dying to have: A tribal print dress or skirt

Favorite store to shop at: It’s a tie between Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Target

Do you dress for comfort or style: I’d like to think I usually find a balance between the two. My mode of transportation (bus, by foot, bike, cab) usually influences what footwear I choose for the night.

Your style in one word: Classic-vintage-chic (Can that be considered one word?)

I love her casual style almost as much dressy style – she always looks so cool. Also, how gorgeous is her hair?? I mean seriously. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.