The summer always reminds me of my childhood. I’ve always favored the season because it meant warm weatherno school, fun with friends, freedom, swimming, the beach, my birthday (!), ice cream treats, biking, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and neighborhood games. I know that might sound like something from a movie – of a perfect summer – in the ‘burbs – in the 50s –  but that was the 80s/90s and it was awesome. I never take for granted that I was lucky enough to have a great childhood and thus in the summer I like to reminisce…

… its fun to take a look back on where you came from, what was popular when you were a kid and how disastrous/superbly amazing your style was. This is what I remember being popular when I was younger.

Jelly Sandals:

Bike shorts in all sort of colors and patterns – that were not for biking – but for general ‘fabulousness’:

Star or any weird shaped plastic sunglasses (basically anything you got from the oriental trading company or  you ever got in a goody bag from a birthday party was ‘cool’):

Camp-made friendship bracelets (we didn’t buy them – I mean how would we know who was really our friend):

Slap bracelets – equal parts stylish – fun – and used as a weapon when fighting with your siblings:

Another camp essential – hair wraps:

Light up shoes – too cool for school:

Scrunchies galore – we could never have too many:

Fun watches that made learning to tell time easier – for some:

I don’t know if there is a name for this contraption – but it was pretty cool and gave your T-Shirt an edge on the playground. I never had one – but I made do with a scrunchie/hair elastic (an early DIY):

If you didn’t have a tomagotchi – you weren’t anyone special. They ended up being confiscated in class though – at least in my school. I think of them as the elementary school/90s version of the iPhone – it has the “I gotta have it mom!” factor:

Overallsssss – that may or may not be me, OY:

Butterfly clips – in this case ‘more’ was obviously better:


What’s interesting is that some of these things definitely have modern-day equivalents and/or are coming back in style… such as below:

**Fun sunglasses are back with a vengeance (check out Urban Outfitters and Forever21 for some goodies). I have these.

** Colorful, plastic watches are in style – these from Target are cute – I’m thinking of getting one myself:

   also, they sell these at American Apparel

** Friendship bracelets are SUPER popular right now. You can make them or buy (at various price points) at places such as the gap, free people, Urban, Forever21 – they are everywhere.

** Perhaps not bike shorts but – legging/spandex pants have definitely made a comeback in the past years. You can find a lot of patterned ones at Forever21, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.

** Jelly(ish) shoes are also still around:

Also these are interesting…

JUST FOR FUN: here’s another throwback – POGS. I collected them, but I still to this day don’t know how to ‘play’ them. I mean what was that??