The 4th of July is a very special day in my family as it is not only America’s Independence day, but my mom’s birthday AND my birthday – carazay! No matter where my family is, we usually manage to celebrate together along with many other friends. I feel blessed that my birthday is on a holiday so it makes it easier for all of us to get together (also – no work ever on my birthday = awesome).

Below are some of my birthday pictures (aka outfits) throughout the years:

my mom and I on my 1st birthday in San Diego

celebrating with my best friend Carly in McLean, VA

amy, me, Tory and Becky. Loving the bangs and bows – and Becky’s suspenders

getting ready to go to the fireworks with all the sibs – Becky’s hat is awesome

celebrating with cousins in Chicago with puff paint shirts

cape cod with family, friends and ‘Gone Chocolate’ cake

on the cape with Amy – I was totally into the ‘bow headband’ phase

no red, white and blue here – just sparklers with friends and sisters!

my first birthday with my boyfriend

last year’s birthday with friends and sisters on the cape!

The verdict is still out on what I decide to wear tomorrow – but below is some style inspiration to look at:

blogger Blair – has fabulous style – see more of her patriotic looks here

great Polyvore board

When it comes to patriotic style, I really think there are no rules and that more is better. Whether you go, nautical, preppy, simple or awesomely tacky – I don’t think you can go wrong. Just wear your colors proud.

 So wherever you are, Happy Fourth of July! Have fun, celebrate freedom, tell your family you love them and send your thanks to those fighting for our country all over the world. We are blessed.