Oh hey, It’s story time.

Per my blog name, I think you can kind of guess that I tend to wind up in situations that, eh, maybe aren’t ideal, so to speak.  My mom even bought me a shirt that says ‘it sucks to be me’ on it. No, she’s not mean. It’s actually from the show ‘Avenue Q’. But she gets me (sometimes) and I’m definitely known in my family to get into a pickle. Personally I like the phrase: mylifeisajoke.com

Anyway, to the story. I’ll bullet point it for you:

  • I’m going to Europe on July 20th with my boyfriend and his wonderful family (yay!)
  • My passport was going to expire on July 24th
  • I got my passport renewed at the end of May and I expedited it to make EXTRA sure it would get to me on time.
  • When the passport came in the mail, it came with a bunch of papers and included my old passport (which had all the stamps of countries I’d been to when I lived overseas).
  • I kept everything, including the envelope it came in, in my desk drawer.
  • I asked for a cute passport holder for my birthday (you know to add a little style).
  • Last night I get home and start unpacking presents.
  • I take my beautiful new passport holder over to my desk to put my new passport in it.
  • New passport not there….. but everything else from the mailing envelope is…

Hmmm, I thought, well thats kinda weird. So I started to go through the entire drawer, then moved to the rest of the desk, then through all the boxes of folders under my bed, my beside table and every single bag and clutch I have, which is a lot as you can imagine. By midnight, my room was a mess and the new passport was nowhere…

I decided to go to sleep and wake up with a clear mind. I couldn’t sleep and at 6am I got back up to further ransack my room. I took over the apartment, moving everything out of my room to go through every single drawer, stack of papers and nook and cranny in my room. Nothing. Enter panic mode.

Immediate course of action:

  • Hysterically cry. I’m “sensitive”.
  • Call my mom (yes, I still do that in difficult situations – thats what they are there for… right??)
  • Spend 30 seconds kicking things on my floor aimlessly to get out frustration.
  • Then decide to be a grownup (I just turned 26 yesterday after all)

I go online to to look at what I need to do to report a lost passport and to get one in time before I leave in 15 days. I won’t bore you with details (because that’s just not as interesting as the rest of this story is…?). All you need to know is that I have to go into the “passport office” on Wednesday to turn in a bunch of papers and hopefully have them rush it to get it to me before I leave on the 20th – which they are confident they can.

I should’ve been happy, but I was still angry and frustrated. How could this one thing go missing and will I definitely get my passport in time?

The answer to both – I don’t really know. There are no guarantees in life. This may be a stupid story about a passport, but it made me think about a lot of stuff today. It is a stupid passport. Its not cancer, I’m not losing my house, no one died from it. At 26, I have a great family, the best friends and amazing boyfriend, an apartment and a job I love. I do think about this stuff a lot, I’m not coming to this realization for the first time today. But its always good to have a reminder.

So I guess, thank you passport – for mysteriously disappearing. And the silver lining – thank you for the passport holder. If I hadn’t gotten it yesterday I wouldn’t have realized the passport was missing and would have had a worse chance of getting it on time. And MOST of all, thank you to all the great people in my life that make me feel truly loved and made my birthday yesterday so amazing:

Katie came to my BBQ! My hair lasted about 5min down – it was tooo hot and humid!

Tory came home for the 4th


Hot Dawg

the beautiful and delish ice box cake my sisters made (notice the swedish fish instead of fruit – they know me so well)

I probably won’t ever find my passport and if I do, it will be on the day I return from Europe. That’s just the way my cookie crumbles and that’s ok.

In the meantime, I have so much to look forward to and to be thankful for.

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July!