Brigitte Bardot is one of my favorite summer fashion icons. She totally embodies the glamour of St. Tropez. I love her use of thick headbands and scarves, the big beach hair/bed head and messy kohl liner. Despite the sultry air about her, she also uses elements of classics when she is fully dressed, such as skinny pants and flats. LOVE.

thick headband, teased hair, cat eye liner and stripe shirt

headband with bow, big hair and cat eye liner

half up hair and a classic blouse

pigtails and crew neck sweater

bangs, pony, bow and trench

big sunglasses and big up-do

oversized sun, straw hat and smoky eye

short shorts (or romper), beach hair and a convertible

On that note, I’m off to the Cape for the weekend with friends and family! Have a good one!