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This morning I was running late and had approximately 7 minutes until I had run out to catch the bus to work (first of 5 buses I will be taking today – joy).

I was just going to throw on some old jeans, a T and flip flops when I saw a pair of floral pants that I hadn’t worn in a month or so. I put those on, along with an old Ann Taylor Loft shirt (that I found under my bed during the whole passport fiasco) and my target pink loafers and cat eye sunglasses.

Running out the door, I saw the whole ensemble in the mirror and was not completely pleased (it just looked mismatched in a bad way), but I had to go and that was that…

Waiting at the bus stop, a woman came up to me. She said  “I really like your shoes, may I ask where you got them?”. I told her they were an old pair from Target. “REALLY??” she said. Yup. “What about your sunglasses?”. Target. “seriously??”. Yup. She looked me up and down (I was a little uncomfortable). “Interesting… I would have never guessed, it looks like you just stepped out of Saks”. I think I looked at her like she was a crazy (I have NEVER shopped at Saks) and I had to disagree (I had my lap top strapped to my back and was carrying a bag of leaky leftover Chinese food that I brought for lunch – yum). But I took the compliment and said, thanks…

… On the bus I calculated that my entire outfit cost less than 100 bucks. It’s good to know that even though you don’t have the money to buy expensive designer clothes, you can still look pretty fly (sometimes anyways)… it was pretty funny and kind of made my day.

On that note, I am finishing my Chinese food, continuing on with the rest of my day and riding on the MBTA buses.