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A few weeks ago I mentioned a piece of furniture (collapsable hand painted tray table!) that I bought from the Cambridge Antique Market and I feel that it is my duty to spread the news about this place. I discovered this gem about four months ago when I was trying to look for a new mirror for my room and some jewelry.

I never found the perfect mirror but, I was astounded by how cool this place was. Essentially, its 5 floors full of different booths of antique and vintage items. Some booths are definitely better than others. Some have themes and/or are organized and some look like the leftovers of a hoarders house that was repossessed by the state. But whether you are into vintage things and antiques- or not – it’s definitely worth a trip  – I could spend hours looking at the different floors and booths. I’ll show you what I mean…

Vintage Lunch Boxes

Nicer booth with classier items

sports themed booth  – would have ton of great gifts

pretty china and colorful glassware that reminds me of Venice

vintage hashtag broaches??

why yes, this is an entire wall of salt and pepper shakers

booth of christmas decorations

anyone need a typewriter or unicycle??

old school coca cola – you could do something really cool with that..

mildly obsessed with this lamp – it’s on the pricier side though

Das Boot – hopefully seeing more of this in Munich this Summer!!

crazy weird creepy things

Gems and Jewels

booth full of mugs

I could go on and on…. but I won’t. Whether you are looking for furniture, glassware, prints, clothing, jewelry, vintage games or just want to look at some old things, its definitely a worthwhile visit if you are in the area. And its a great place to get some style inspiration for fashion and home decor!