So it’s officially 1 week until I leave for Europe and I could not be more excited. I feel so lucky to be invited on this trip with such wonderful people and I know its going to be a blast!

For me, one of the worst things about traveling is packing. While its fun to pick out clothes, shoes, accessories and fantasize about what you will be wearing in french cafes and german beer hauses, there is a reality factor – in that there is no way in HELL, I can bring everything I want to. Unless I am a celebrity or stylist like Victoria Beckham or Rachel Zoe, I only have one suitcase to bring and it is daunting trying to figure out what to pack in it!

* this is Rachel Zoe’s  actual luggage for a few days in Paris BTW

I am a notorious over-packer and it’s always a joke to see how much I bring for just a weekend trip (seriously, sometimes one fedora just isn’t good enough!) However, over the last several years, I’ve been trying to be more conscious of what I want to pack, what I really need and finding a practical way to accommodate both.

I’ve been reading up online and in my style books on travel and packing tips, to make sure I have all my bases covered and can still feel as chic as those European women undeniably are.

Below are some of the blogs I’ve been looking at:

The Glamourai Guide to Quick Getaways

Ramshackle Glam Weekend Bag Essentials and this post as well!

Cupcakes and Cashmere All Packed Up

Things I am aiming for:

  1. Being organized – there’s nothing fun about going on a long trip feeling disorganized and like you are forgetting things. Passport anyone?
  2. Picking out clothes that have similar color schemes and making sure I can make at least two outfits out of each piece.
  3. On a similar note – making sure I have a few basics (plain T’s and jeans) that can be dressed up with jewelry or scarves (which are small and light to pack). Let’s be honest, there are only so many times I can wear my bright floral pants on a 10day trip without being  a little ridiculous.
  4. Making sure I have the proper undergarments for my clothes. True life part 1 –  I forgot to pack my underwear one vacation.
  5. Limit beauty products to things that I really can’t live without and picking products that can be multi-taskers! 
  6. Create a mini emergency kit (aspirin, band aids, safety pins etc.) True life part 2 – you never know when your leather pants are going to split open. Oh wait, yes, a bar in Philly. Good times.
  7. Have an organized carry on!!

As I go into this weekend, I plan to make a list and start setting aside things I have, and things I need to get – ranging from toothpaste and chargers to clutches and jewelry – and then edit as I go through the week!

Fun picture moment from the last time I was in France with my family:

Goons at Versailles. The matching Land End fleeces just don’t cut it anymore, do they?