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So yesterday I mentioned I picked up a new bag from Nordstrom Rack. But it wasn’t just any bag, it was a convertible bag from Steve Madden called the ‘Maxie’ and it is the bomb diggity (if I may bring that phrase back). I shouldn’t even have considered buying a new bag as I already have a kajillion, but as I looked through my stash in my closet, I didn’t see one that was quite perfect enough for my travels for Europe (in that it would be useful on ALL accounts). Enter the Maxie:

The Steve Madden convertible Maxie bag is genius – it can be used as a tote, shoulder and crossbody bag, and it also has an extra zip to make the body of it more compact (aka the .5). I’ll show you what I mean:

Shoulder Bag

Tote Bag

Crossbody Bag


In addition to being incredibly useful, it is sturdy but surprisingly lightweight which is awesome. It also comes in some great colors and I scored it for about 60 bucks! This will be my go-to bag for Europe and all other future travels (of course I will be bringing some clutches – perhaps with sequins?- with me as well; lets not get carried away here).

In other news – this was me this morning:

Should have taken a gander at this cute little video:

Noted for next time.

“Happy” Monday y’all!

(yes the tag of my shirt was sticking out all day – SUPER)