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I met Kelsey through my best friend and roommate Caitlin and we instantly connected through our love of fashion and style. I was enamored by the pieces of clothing she bought, the unexpected way she put them together and the way she was fearless in her choices. I love the way she is not afraid of patterns, different shapes, cuts, textures and fabrics. She has and still continues to inspire the way I dress and I have learned so much from her.

Name: Kelsey Enright

Age: 25

Current City: London, UK

Beauty product you can’t live without:

a few… First: Soap and Glory’s ‘the scrub of your life’ body wash; second and third: neutrogena’s nourishing lip balm and multi-defense daily moisturiser; also, can’t not mention my different coloured neon nail polish which changes every few days!

Favorite item in your closet:

Cos black cotton mini shift dress with leather sleeves, other the knee black leather boots from allsaints and my nude flats aaaand also my black cigarette jeans (not all at the same time of course!)

Item you are dying to have:

aqua coloured linen motojacket with silver studs

Favorite store to shop at:

Zara, Cos, Topshop, French Connection, American apparel to name a few

Do you dress for comfort or style:

Both, I have to be comfortable in order to feel stylish, but I also have to be stylish to feel comfortable…

Your style in one word:


She now lives in London and it is only enhancing her sense of style and fashion (I know, because I stalk her pictures on Facebook haha). She’s visiting in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see her. I miss her so much!

Funny fashion story: At the beginning of our friendship, I got invited to a Boston fashion week event and I had an extra ticket. She was in the forefront of mind when I picked my +1 as she was ultimately the only other person I knew that would truly appreciate it. We decided to go to the fashion show and then head to the bar down the st. for frozen peach Bellinis (YUM). Halfway through the show I started to feel sick – I mean really sick – I thought I was going to pass out. After the show I bailed on Bellinis and high tailed it back home. I felt so bad as it was not the fashionable evening I or she had in mind. The next day I found out I had the Swine Flu. Sweet. We still need to go to another fashion show together – and get our frozen Bellinis!! xo