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Paris was like mecca of shopping. Everywhere I turned I saw designer stores, boutique after boutique and lots of chic women with shopping bags. I felt like I was in a couture candy store (with hardly any money in my pocket, I might add). I wanted to say, “screw it, I’m in Paris, I’m going to go nuts”, BUT I am 26 now and a (mildly) responsible adult – so I didn’t. I was able to spend an afternoon to myself wandering down random streets (and getting a little lost). I spent time window shopping, popping into small boutiques to peruse more affordable items and just enjoying gorgeous (albeit HOT) Paris. My outfit for that day – it was a scorcher out:

Dress: Anthro ; Sunglasses: H&M ; Shoes: Superga ;  Jewellery: random assortment

Some snaps of the day:

Despite drooling up and down the streets of Paris, I was able to snag myself a few cute things (because I deserve it?) from some very cute, little stores. Most notably a top from a store called “See you soon” and some classic black ballet flats. I decided to wear them with a pair of skinny black pants (that I got ages ago from the GAP) on my last day of the trip ** squinting again from the haze – I guess I couldn’t find any of the 5 (yes, 5) pairs of sunglasses I packed:

**FUNNY STORY: As we were strolling down the Champs-Élysées one day we saw this crowd waiting in line to go through these large gates:

As we thought this might be a museum or famous building we went over to look at the plaque by the gate. It said:

I was dying! TOO funny!

…and there was a line out there every day of our vacation…