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One of the many things I was interested in doing in Paris was popping into a Pharmacy and Sephora to explore what differences there might be to those in America. I have consistently heard great things about French Pharmacies in magazines, on blogs and on one of my favorite sites: Into The Gloss – and, well Sephora is.. Sephora (and conveniently located right next to my hotel!).

In one of the many things I’ve come across, I’ve read that French women tend to spend more on their skin care products than their make-up. This kind of thinking was intriguing to me as I’ve always wanted to completely mask my face with make-up. However upon entering a pharmacy in Paris, I started to change my thoughts (a little).

First of all, I’m a SUCKER for packaging, and everything looked so cute and pretty in there. But more importantly the emphasis was on protecting your skin, being healthy and being preventative – rather than covering up every little imperfection (although they did have a small Dior and Chanel make-up counter in the one I went to – definitely wouldn’t see that at your local CVS or Walgreens) It’s weird, but it felt like a more positive environment to me?… to that end, I decided to purchase a few goodies to try out for my self:

Products from left to right: Avène Antirougeurs (Anti-redness) Cleansing milk,  Avène Eau Thermale (in large and travel size),  Avène Antirougeurs calming mask, and Innoxa Anti-bag and Anti-shadow gel. Loving all of them so far!

NOW THAT BEING SAID: my love for Sephora runs deep, so I’m not going to give that up, but maybe I’ll give it some space. Some interesting things I noticed at the Sephora: they sell L’Oreal there, as well as OPI and Sally Hansen products and the ‘Yes to Carrots’ line. They also have stations to get a full on manicure and a blow-dry/hair styling done. There were just as many men there as there were women.

My makeup essentials while I was over there:

I also purchased some french magazines for inspiration:

And this….

French hand sanitizer? Yes please!!


Alas, despite the glamorous atmosphere of Paris, I still left with frizzy, messy hair and atrociously chipped nails…

…and bought this magazine at the airport:

It’s ok to judge me on this… I do. SHAMEFUL.