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Here’s a theory I believe to be true: Every time I see someone with great bangs – whether it be on the street, on a magazine, in a movie, what have you – I have this uncontrollable urge to cut my own….. And usually I do (I mean literally ‘I’ do – I never go to a salon to do it – which is pretty much always a terrible idea). 

It’s like a thing – I really can’t help myself. And now, at 26, people in my life have caught on.

Everytime I’ve cut my bangs and come home for dinner, my family goes “you just watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘ again, didn’t you?” You know what, it was probably true. I most likely did watch ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, maybe even twice in a row one time – sue me. I can’t not watch that movie and not want to cut my bangs like Anne Hathaway. It’s just not possible. And I love that movie. So difficult situation.

LOVE bangs. As Nicole Richie once put it “You always have a hairstyle when you have bangs”. But I also HATE bangs: My hair is thick, frizzy, wavy and I have a sick cowlick on my forehead. If the bangs aren’t cut exactly right, then they are frickin pain in the ass to style (and I’ve done my fair share of experimenting, believe me).

Five months ago after years of constantly have some sort of ‘bang’ – I decided enough is a enough. I had rallied up all self-control to grow them out, but as of today… I cut my bangs (a little). BUT it is longest I’ve ever been able to go without doing it (I’ll add it to my list of achievements so far for 2012). 

Below are some of my bang inspirations. They look great on so many people and there are so many different ways to wear/style them. If you are looking for a ‘back-to-school’ change, def take a gander at the styles here:

ALSO If you are a DIY kinda girl, watch this video from Refinery29:how-to-cut-bangs

…Just try not to re live the 80s