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Per yesterday’s post, I’m putting myself on a shopping freeze until September 1st which means no shopping for clothes, accessories, makeup or beauty products. As well as easing up on my bank account, it’s a great way for me to go through things I already have, organize them and pitch stuff if necessary. Whenever I do this, I always find something I’ve forgotten about or realized that I have too much of something and then realize what I DON’T need more of (wish is pretty much most things). Also you get a *pretty-ish* closet:


If you are like me and don’t have the luxury of a large closet, walk-in closet or Carrie Bradshaw-esq closet (swoon), it can be rather difficult to figure out a way to organize and store all of your ‘loot’. I must confess, I am no expert… like at all. But I do think I’ve gotten better and perhaps smarter about organizing in my older age. I’m sure I could use a few tips, so if you have any, feel free to pass them along.

In the mean time I’ve started with dresses… and organizing them by color – which I’ve heard is a good way to go * also if you have a super small closet like me:  once I divide the type of clothing by color, I also divide by season and try to put away the items I don’t think I’ll be wearing for a while. That way you showcase what you will wear most often*

corals and reds


black and blues

Does this make you anxious:

Be glad you aren’t here… I have 2/3s more of just the closet to go… should be interesting. I will keep you updated…


A quick tip to deal with closets that have no lighting and are dark in general – buy these stick-on, battery run lights at your local target (I’m sure they also have them other places). I bought these a year ago and they’ve really helped me to see what I actually have and where things actually are in the black hole that is my closet:

I would love to drop some serious dough at the container store to help me re-do my closet. But I’m not. I’m on a shopping freeze. I will make do with what I have.


I like these articles – very helpful:



and this video