Sooo naturally I’m messing a few things up here in blogger world (who is surprised?) – and I would like to take the time to thank three lovely, lovely ladies for their encouragement in me continuing this whole blogging thang and inspiring me.

** Kenya L at – whose fashion style is fierce and fabulous!

** Crocs are Awful at – whose blog is so fun to read!!

*** Gerrylocity at who nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award – loving her wit and pics so far!

So, in honor of the awards – I would like to name some other bloggers who I really enjoy reading everyday!

  1. The Fancy Pants Report
  2. Amy’s Vintage Closet
  3. Polish You Pretty
  4. Hisfashionblog
  5. Aly Knows Best
  6. Lezoemusings
  7. Charming Trinity
  8. Downtown Romantic
  9. Into Mind
  10. Go Jane – and Ashley Riser
  11. Summers Tiny Dancer
  13. The Fashion Medley
  14. His Fashion Blog
  15. The Scribbler Archive
  16. The CHICago Life

Blogger rules – 7  things about moi:

  1. My favorite place to relax is Cape Cod, MA
  2. I hate my bangs right now
  3. I am not shopping until September 1st
  4. I work for a software company but used to work at a high end boutique
  5. I love to travel – I lived abroad for 4 years
  6. My favorite TV shows are Friends and Sex and the City _ I’ve watched every EP like a thousand times.
  7. I really don’t like Fruit – I’m super weird

Thanks for all your continued support and for keeping me entertained!

xoxo the Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster…. clearly.