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Lana Del Rey is a singer that’s recently come in to the limelight for her husky/sultry/hauntingly beautiful voice and her fabulous fashion sense. Besides the fact that I really like her music, I am completely enamored by her style. A self-proclaimed “gansta Nancy Sinatra”, Lana mixes her love for vintage era clothing and american tailored classics, with bold gold jewelry, florals and funky T-shirts – a successful combination (in my mind) which I totally love.

**I really like her hair too. I’m really into nice hair right now **

I was feeling a little bit Lana today…

T: Stylemint * Tweed Skirt: H&M old – I like this idea * Boots: Blowfish * Bag/Scarf/Owl Necklace: Vintage * Choker: Jewlbox * Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters * Watch: Target – I like this one * Rings: ASOS * Earrings: American Apparel
…or maybe it was just my ‘tude:

pretty much posted that because the filter made my hair red-ish like Lana’s. Yeah, I like her hair