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New York Fashion week is always exciting for me. I’ve never been and most likely never will, but thanks to the internet, I’m able to enjoy it from afar. I’ve spent an immense part of my nights this past week catching up on what happened at different shows, looking through pictures of parties and my favorite thing – looking at street style pictures.

For me looking at all the ‘street walkers’ is the best part because there is such a huge diversity in what people (of all ages) wear and I often see things put together and say ‘hey I like that, I never thought of that’. Sometimes I think to myself ‘what were they thinking’ – but nevertheless – it is very entertaining to look at and a great source of inspiration to me. This week I have been stalking Fashionista and Stylist – they have dynamite coverage of everything. Below are some of my favorite street style snaps:

Visit their sites to catch up on any and all things fashion week that you might have missed.


Alas my ‘fashion week’ was not nearly as glamorous… but here’s a little re-cap:

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone!