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In honor of September and all students back in school – here is the style profile of my favorite Harvard student: Carly.

Carly is my oldest and nearest and dearest friend. We met when we were three years old in McLean, Virginia. I had just moved from San Diego and legend has it, I (and most likely my mother or I would be worried) knocked on her door looking for friends. Luckily for me, she accepted my offer. Throughout all the different stages in our lives – me moving to Europe, High School, College – we’ve always been there for each other and she is always someone who I can count on in the best and worst of times. We know everything about each other and when we talk its like we never were a part…

Name: Carly

Age: 26

Current City:  Cambridge, MA

Beauty product you can’t live without: Instyler rotating iron.

Favorite item in your closet:  Black wrap dress from Banana Republic— it doesn’t wrinkle in a suitcase and can be dressed up or down to work for almost every occasion… or my fuzzy socks.  Its a tie.

Item you am dying to have: Anthropologie–the entire store.  Each of their outfits seems to tell its own story.

Favorite store to shop at: Ten Thousand Villages.  I love getting accessories here- each item is handmade, gorgeous, and I feel great knowing that everything is fair trade.  The store will print out a history of the artisan who made each item which makes everything even more interesting and special.

Do you dress for comfort or style?: Comfort, definitely.  I can’t do my best work if I’m distracted by pinching shoes, tight waists, or cold!

Style in one word: ” Style? Um….”

Our most recent photo – 23 years of friendship:

Love her to death xo