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I love the idea of having a bar cart! It’s a great way to store/keep all your drink stock in one chic and stylish place. HOWEVER, minor issue, they can come at a hefty price – even if you spot a nice antique one. Occasionally you will come across a bargain, but I had not and I was getting antsy.

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Home Goods and spotted three items that I thought might work perfectly together to make a mini bar cart… I found two little wrought iron wine rack holders (each for $9.99) and then this tin serving tray (for $12.00) and I decided to piece them together using super glue and twine (from Michael’s). I know that there is a classier way to put things together than with superglue – but I used the resources at my disposal. The result was this:


Now I realize unlike most bar carts, this one does not have wheels and it is quite small, but I’m pretty sure there is a way to add wheels if I wanted to – and in terms of the size – its perfect for my petite apartment. I like that it looks a little mismatched and that it has an antique-y feel to it. Feel free to look at the pictures of other (and dare I say nicer) bar carts below for some inspiration: