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So, I kind of like Audrey Hepburn (just a little), but I first saw her as Holly Golightly in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. I fell in LOVE. First of all, in the opening scene she’s wearing the most beautiful Givenchy gown with pearls, cat eye glasses and carrying coffee and a croissant. From that moment on, I was enraptured. I liked the movie and story itself but I looked at it more as a beautiful and inspiring fashion film. From this film, I realized the power of a little black dress, jewels, pearls (if you can’t afford the real thing – go to BaubleBar and JewelMint for some great affordable finds), a trench coat and flats. It’s those kind of basics that made me take a step back and decide to buy more classics that can be incorporated into my trendier pieces. Here are some stills that I love:

the opening sequence (look at the bottom of the post to see my Halloween costume version)

the famous eye mask (you can get a similar one here)

Black skinny pants (Gap has some great ones), a casual knit (I like this one) and a head scarf (this is similar idea)

cat eye, cat eye sunglasses and big hat

Classic trench (this one is super cute)

I adore the apartment decor as well – half bath as a couch, suitcases as tables and I love that she uses wine classes for all her drinks – so fab!

Here is my take on Holly Golightly (I wish I had a more accurate portrayal of her hair for the costume, but I had cut it off a few months before – on a whim – obviously):

Despite it being one of my favorite fashion films, not everyone loves the movie, including my roommate and boyfriend – which I found out after our first ‘tiff’. I now know this movie is punishment if ever he should be in the ‘doghouse’ again (insert evil laugh here)


Yesterday, I came across a recipe straight from Audrey Hepburn’s archives (thank you glamour.com). It is Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Skinny Bran Muffins’. Of course I had to try it – but do you think I had all of the ingredients? Mmm no. So I improvised. Instead of a muffin tray – I used a casserole dish, instead of raisins and honey – I added brown sugar and some cinnamon. The result – pretty tasty (especially since I essentially have no cooking skills – although I’ve been improving). It definitely tasted like a plain-ish cake with a sweet bran topping (I might add a little more sugar to the top for a little more yummy-ness). I’m looking forward to making the actual recipe in the near future – and hopefully it will look and taste better (the top looks like little worms now that I look at it – gross).

 but its a nice treat – especially for a day like today that is particularly dreary