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Every since I became a grownup and moved into my own apartment (with two best friends/roommates in tow) I’ve been thoroughly enjoying decorating my space and finding new and interesting ways to make it fun/cute/cozy and most importantly ‘me’ – which can be harder to do in rented spaces.

My love of architecture and decor is almost as strong as my passion for fashion and it is a love I share with my sister – who has the best eye for interior spaces. I should mention that I have quite the crafty background as well. I pretty much ruled sewing camp, pottery classes, decoupage, jewelry making, pot holder and stained glass making – what have you – I rocked it. And I can’t leave out that my first grade painting was chosen to be displayed in the town rec center. I know right. SO, its only natural that I would have a thing for home decor DIYs.

Last weekend I decided to do something about the mass of empty wine bottles on our kitchen shelves – and tried to jazz them up a bit. There are so many ways to decorate wine bottles and make better use of them, but I tried two different styles to start and made the bottles into candle stick holders.

Style Number One

materials needed:

wine bottles, hot glue gun with glue sticks, round glass pebbles (they should have a flat edge on one side), spray paint in the color(s) of your choice – I chose black and white in semi-gloss, twine, a drop sheet and candle sticks

Now there are many ways to get to the same place in terms of the final product and I’m sure some way are better than others. I’m VERY sure I could have done a few things differently, but I will give you the steps I did:

1. Soak wine bottles in a tub of hot water to remove the labels. Dry completely.

2. Glue the glass pebbles on the bottles in designs of your choice – go nuts.

3. Lay out a drop cloth in a well ventilated area, aka outside.

4. Spray paint the bottles (depending on the type of paint and the color, drying times and amount of coats will vary so read the directions. I did two coats and let each coat dry for an hour).

5. Cut the candle into the length of your choice and wedge it into the bottle top. Secure with twine (mine was wrapped more haphazardly to create a more “rustic vibe”).

Style Number Two

other materials needed:

‘mod podge’ glue (I chose a glossy finish), paint brush (I chose a sponge brush) and magazines/newspapers

This process is pretty darn simple.

1. Rip out magazine scraps and paint them on to the bottle in a manner of your choice. I chose to do one bottle in pink/red tones and the other in blue tones.

2. Once the bottle is completely covered, let it dry. Again, drying times vary.

3. Trim candle to your preferred size, wedge it in the bottle opening and wrap with twine.

So, super easy right? I had fun doing these and I’m going to be experimenting with other styles and looking for other ways to reuse wine bottles.