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If you don’t know who Jackie Burkhart is – she is a sassy, spoiled, self absorbed brunette on the comedy tv show ‘That 70’s Show’ which is about a group of friends growing up in – you guessed it – the 70’s.

The show is no longer filming, but you can catch reruns on various channels, including Nick at Nite (along with Friends, Fresh Prince and other shows that make me feel old). This show is definitely one of my favorites and I was able to catch a bunch of episodes in a row on Monday during my candle holder DIY time (see yesterday’s post). 

Today I felt like taking a cue from Jackie/the 70’s as I embraced the first sunny fall day we’ve had in a while.

Dress: Missoni for Target * Denim Tunic: Forever21 * Sweater Jacket: the Limited (SO OLD) * Boots: Michael Kors via Marshall’s * Bag/Owl Necklace/Ring: Vintage * Collar Necklace: ASOS * Sunglasses: Oktoberfest street fair vendor




Last year CMV and I dressed up as Jackie and Hyde from ‘That 70’s Show’

My best friend Melissa and I call each other Donna and Jackie. From the pictures below  I think you can see why: