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Four years ago my girlfriends and I got together to exchange presents we got each other for Christmas. Strapped for cash (just being out of college and all) I decided to make my presents. I had always loved these wine and martini glasses that are made by ‘Lolita‘ for gifts and special occasions ( I have a few myself) and I thought it would be cool to make my own personalized wine glasses for my friends.

I went to Marshalls and bought a pack of six large wine glasses for about 5 bucks. Conveniently Michael’s was right next store so I bought paints that can  be used on glass. Then I went to town – Ta – Da:

In addition to the wine glasses, I bought each of my friends their favorite bottle of wine and secured a picture of us over the label:

I’m proud to say that my friend and now roommate still has both (although now the bottle is used as a vase for flowers). Not only did she love the present, it meant a lot that I took the time to make it. Depending on what your friends taste in wine is (3 buck chuck anyone??), the present is super inexpensive and very fun project to do!


* Wine glasses

* Paint for glass (you can get this at any craft store). I used this brand.

* Paint brushes

* Wine

* a picture of your choice

* Tape to secure picture

*** TIPS from Michaelshttp://www.michaels.com/Glass-Painting-Basics/ae0034,default,pg.html

Will you be trying this for holiday gifts this year?