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… Or general holiday cash (that you want to spend and not save – obviously)?

Here are some quick tips:

First, did you know there is a new App called Gyft where you can upload all your gift cards and store in one place? No? It’s pretty cool.

Second, I would make a list of general items (especially if the card is for a department store) that you want, slash, need (it also helps if you know what you already own). That way you can see what you can get at each store more effectively as well as figure out what places have sales on what items and get the most for your money!

Third, don’t feel the need to use the money and cards right away. If you know you will be in need of summer items, it may be best to save that stuff for spring and summer. Of course if you are made of money feel free to disregard these tips or this entire post completely.

Last, but not least, make sure to write your thank you notes! Don’t take your gift for granted and show your gifter your thanks and appreciation ( it also may insure that you get an awesome gift next year… JK JK… Who said that?)


Hope you are having a nice weekend!