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I started this blog earlier this year to fulfill a creative side of
myself. I love fashion, I love art, I love history and I love to
write, so in a way this was only natural.

I’d like to think that this blog isn’t about wearing the most
expensive clothes or the “cutest outfits” or ‘shopping til you drop’
or trying to portraying a life of natural perfection and beauty. Because where I
stand, life is messy. No matter how you slice or dice it, nothing
ain’t ever gonna be perfect. I think this December was a very good
example (personally) about how messy and imperfect life can be and
that, yes, my title as “natural disaster” is quite validated. In fact
these past few weeks, I spent the majority of time in sweat pants
(mostly navy velour ones from JCPenny that I got Junior year of high
school), a messy/frizzy bun in a claw clip, mis-matched socks, and not
a stitch of makeup. But that’s OK. That was my style – my jam, and I
was comfortable in some uncomfortable situations.

Style is subjective – there’s not right way or wrong way and I think
that’s what I like about it. It changes, morphs and evolves with the
seasons, the years and personally as you grow and live your life. I
know that style and fashion and beauty aren’t a necessity in life and
I’m not solving any world problems or writing any profound and wise
thoughts on this blog – but I hope that you come here and indulge in a
bit of frivolity, have some fun, and escape a little from life’s day
to day drama. I certainly have, and I am immensely and unbelievably
grateful for those who have read and continue to read my blog.
Ultimately, I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed

I could not be more excited for 2013 and all the things it has in
store for me. I think my New Years resolution for this blog will be to
delve more into fashion history, keep that inspiration coming and as
always, to have fun. In life, I hope to continue to see all the silver
linings (which have been notoriously hard for me to do in the past).
Life isn’t perfect, but it could always be worse. I am lucky to have
the most incredible family and friends, a roof over my head and a meal
on the table, and at the end of the day that will always be more than
enough for me. So maybe this is my little pearl of wisdom for this year –
for this blog. Look to the silver linings. They may be hard to see,
but I hope you find that somewhere and at sometime – they are there.
I’ve always been a gold person (fake obviously) – but I’m getting into
silver – in fact, I’m loving silver these days. Maybe 2013 will be my
‘silver’ year.

Happy New Years and much health, love, happiness and positive energy
to you and your loved ones. Thanks again for reading!

Xo this is the fabulous life of a natural disaster signing out. See you in 2013.