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I love award season for two main reasons: Fashion and Acting/TV/Movies. I’m excited to watch Sunday’s Golden Globe awards especially since of two of my favorite funny ladies are hosting – Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. I hope they hit it out of the park!


I’m also anticipating a lot of beautiful (and maybe not so beautiful) gowns/dresses. But for now, I’ll show you some of the past golden globe gowns that have definitely made a lasting impression on me…

First and foremost, this Valentino on Kate Hudson (in 2003!!). I can’t explain it, but I will always love this dress! I don’t know why, maybe because it was different than anything I had seen on the red carpet? I love the pattern and the way that Kate wore it was so care free and easy. Obsessed.

kate huds gg

Sienna Miller in Marchesa – another print. I remember her getting heat for that dress and the milkmaid braid, but I think it suited her and it looked fabulous. I think that was also the start of the braid trend explosion…?

sienna miller gg

This is Reese Witherspoon from the year after she won for Walk the Line and fresh of her split from Ryan Phillipe. It was also her “bang” debut. I thought she looked amazing and so fresh and young in that yellow Nina Ricci.

reese ggI’m not usually a huge Angelina Jolie fan, but I LOVE this emerald Versace dress she wore. I thought the color and cut were stunning and it is just as relevant this year considering  Pantone’s color of the year is Emerald!

angelina ggThis was another dress that stuck with me and I’m not sure that I am super in love with the actual dress which is Gucci. BUT I remember that Nicole had said that she added that Peacock feather to the dress herself and I thought that was so awesome – it TOTALLY made the dress.

kidman gg

Jennifer Aniston often gets a lot of flack for not being adventurous in her dressing and wearing too much black. But I like that she stays true to herself and you can’t deny that she pretty much always looks amazing. I like the way she styled this vintage Valentino dress as much as the actual dress itself. She looks dynamite.

jen aniston ggHere is Natalie Portman in vintage Chanel and it was from after she cut her hair for V for Vendetta. I think this was her ultimate Audrey Hepburn moment. She made her short hair so feminine and elegant. Tres chic!

portman golden globesI really like this Valentino dress on Keira Knightly. I think it fits her well and it’s so elegant and sleek – and I love that cool rope/tassel detail.

keira ggI’m obsessed with this sparkly starry night Marchesa dress on Olivia Wilde. She looks amazing and the way she styled it with simple straight hair, keeps it from looking to princess-y.

olivia ggAre you looking forward to the Golden Globes?


Have a good weekend!