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 So I’ve been wanting to dye my hair again for about a month, or since I realized that at the ripe old age of 26 I’ve found a grey hair or two. What can I say, I’ve had a rough life. Anyway, in my ongoing effort to save a few bucks here and there, I got it in my head that I could most likely, and hopefully, successfully dye my hair myself. Now, unlike my spur of the moment self-bang trim (of which I have a lot of confidence in), hair dying is a bit scary to me. I mean if you mess up, you mess up and you can go get it fixed, but I think the fact that I, Abby, would be dealing with chemicals and dyes etc by myself in my old school bathroom and it could get messy, was quite daunting.


It took me three different stops into CVS before I bought a box of hair color. After researching the different brands and best colors etc. online, I had found the perfect one: Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam (key words on the box were NO DRIP). So, yesterday evening at CVS I picked out the Clairol color in Medium Reddish Brown – a best seller – so I mean, what’s the worst that could happen. I purchased it for $9.99 – a steel!


I have to say, it might have been a risk dying my hair yesterday as I had taken the wrong bus twice in a 24 hour period… um, yeah. But, I forced myself to focus and NOT be clumsy and drop stuff. Once I opened the box, got started and kept going, I felt great and it WAS nice ‘n easy! Since my hair is longer, it took me a little bit longer than I thought to cover my hair, but I was extremely proud of myself, especially since I did not see any mess in sight (I had ripped up garbage bags to cover the bathroom floor – which I thought was a pretty smart move). WOOT. WOOT. After 25 minutes and a shower, I was finished and I have to say I love the color! Super vibrant, natural and soft and you can’t beat the price (considering I was most likely going to have to pay upwards of $100)! Results:

photo (35)

photo (34)

photo (29)

I was flying high on my success and even my roommate was impressed… until about two hours later when we found out that maybe I should have covered the toilet seat with a trash back. Wa. Waaa. Seeing as it had been sitting there for a couple of hours it was not easy to get off (slash it’s still not totally off – scrubbing will be my arm workout for this evening). So word to the wise – cover everything!

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Otherwise, I highly recommend saving yourself a few bucks and dying your hair with Clairol Nice N’ Easy! If I can do it, anyone can. There’s also a video from Family Circle on the Color Foam Blend which I watched about 4 times before I starting the dying process…

Do you normally dye your hair yourself?

vintique_image (35)

PS. Is matching you lips with your hair color a thing? It should be.