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So there’s this (mini?)trend going on with hologram and galactic looking clothing, shoes and accessories. I’ve seen it go down the runway and I am intrigued.

hologram clothing

It might be fun to incorporate a piece or too into my wardrobe, you know for a little pizzazz. Want to get the look? Shop some of the hologram and galactic inspired pieces below:hologram clothes

ASOS Embellished T-Shirt With Printed Sequins * ASOS Top with Hologram Panel Embellishment * Glamorous Midi Dress In Galactic Print * ASOS Halter Top With Galaxy Print

hologram bottoms

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Hologram with Thigh High Split * ASOS Skinny Jeans in Silver Metallic Hologram Print * BDG TWIG MID-RISE JEAN – GALAXY STARBURST

hologram extras

ASOS Galactic Print Snood * Galactic Bib Necklace * DEENA & OZZY HOLOGRAM ENVELOPE CLUTCH * GALACTIC RING *  

hologram shoes