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Let me preface this by saying I have an enormous sweet tooth and I love chocolate – I mean, I really love chocolate. When I was little I wasn’t allowed to have chocolate or any other sugar before bed because I would not sleep, in fact I would be bouncing off the wall (subsequently driving my parents nuts). Some times even now if I have too much chocolate or ice cream before bed, I tend to get a little bit goonie. So, you can imagine how perked up I became at the mention of a new chocolate boutique opening in Boston’s North End – appropriately named Cocoanuts. Luckily for me, Blog and Tweet Boston kindly offered me an invite to a chocolate tasting there last Tuesday with a bunch of fabulous Boston Bloggers.

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Let me share a little bit about Cocoanuts. Cocoanuts is owned by besties Jen and Tara who have created a little bit of a ‘snacker’s heaven’ in their completely adorable boutique in the North End. Along with their amazing selection of chocolates and sweets, they also have a mix of savory options (such as popcorn, nuts and pretzels) – there is literally something for everyone there.

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Also helping to feed my addiction were Heather and Melissa of Little Bits Toffee. They had a delectable assortment of toffee for sampling – my favorite was the sea salt toffee (I pretty much like everything with sea salt).

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And then there was Rebecca of Yes Chocolates, who believes that chocolate (and sweets in general) should be fun. Case in point: brownie pops and her ‘Perfect Pour’ chocolates, aka Guinness and dark chocolate (are you taking notes for Saint Patty’s day??).

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Between indulging in my sweet tooth, getting to know the ladies behind Cocoanuts, seeing some of my fav. bloggers and meeting some awesome new ones – I had such a blast.

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So here is my recommendation to y’all (especially as Valentine’s day rapidly approaches), get to Cocoanuts stat.

* 28 Parmenter Street, Boston, MA 02113 *

Seriously, they have the best/cutest/most delicious items and they make great gifts that can be customized and personalized. Clearly I bought a bunch of stuff – what can I say – I can’t help myself.

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Thanks again to Jen Dorman *Boston Bachelorette* and Kerrie Urban *Urban Foodie Finds* for the invite and to quote the Cocoanuts slogan:



Oh and what did I wear to this event? I’m glad you asked:

vintique_image (73)

Jeans: Paige denim * Sweater: Ann Taylor * Boots: Calvin Klein * Belt: H&M (in stores now) * Necklace: BaubleBar * Bag: Shoedazzle