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I like to have fun with fashion, beauty and style – this is pretty evident. Fun however = dress up time and play time and fooling around time – key word TIME. In reality, there isn’t always the luxury of time. Some examples include:

* You are late for dinner/drinks due to work (a classic scenario for me)

* The clothing or undergarments you want to wear are dirty and you don’t have time/quarters to wash them (also a classic)

* Cleaning up your flooded shower/tub… true story

In these events, it is good to have a fail safe option including outfit/hair/makeup that is easy to put together and makes you feel good for wherever you are going. I’m still working out the kinks (which I realize sounds a little ‘time consuming’), however once you create a formula you will be out the door in no time (hopefully).

So far, this is what I’ve got…

* dark skinny jeans

vintique_image (23)

* a simple black top/t-shirt/tank (no sparkles or fussiness)

vintique_image (24)

*whatever fun jewelry is rapidly available (aka not tangled together in a mess that takes forever to undo) which is usually a lot of gold

vintique_image (22)

*Then in terms of shoes – if I don’t know where I’m going or if I don’t know if I’m going to need to walk a lot, I opt for a nice neutral boot (black or grey) or loafers/ballet shoes. Comfort for me is key in this type of situation. If I know in advance that my feet will be in pain in an hour or two, that gives me anxiety – which is not worth it and only helps me to waste more time.

vintique_image (25)

*Some extras – if I feel like I need a little more ‘flair’, I’ll add some fur or leopard details and perhaps a blazer with a broach or a pretty scarf. DONE!

vintique_image (28)

* Make-up – this should be fast and easy to apply. Unless you are super awesome at creating fancy/elaborate makeup looks in minutes (which I am not), my advice is to stick to simple, starting with clean canvas of foundation and a little concealer. I’ll also swipe a little bronzer and blush on as well.

vintique_image (29)

For me, I am not good a creating a smokey eye (no matter how ‘simple’ it is) and I love lipstick but often feel quite fussy with it (aka thinking that it smudged outside my lips or is on my teeth etc). SO, my thing is to do a little cat eye with black liquid liner, a little shimmer in the corner of the eye and then a lip stain and/or colored gloss. I’ll also make sure my eyebrows are filled in and set in place – this is a must for me to feel put together.

vintique_image (30)

* Hair – this is tricky for me and often it is the thing that slows me down the most, and to be honest, I haven’t figured this one out, like, at all (partly because the length of my hair is always changing and the frizziness… oh the frizziness…). In a rush though, I’ve noticed that I go with a messy bun or some kind of pony tail and then I bring bobby pins/1 hair hairband and claw clip in my purse… not the best, but I’ll figure it out… eventually…

vintique_image (31)

My best advise though, is not to stress (or try not to) and show up wherever you are going with a smile on your face. In the end, as long as you show up with a smile and sense of humor, you’ll look great! Cheesy – yes. True – most definitely.



Do you have any fail safe or go-to styling options for when you are in a rush?