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As I’m sure everyone is aware, this weekend was Blizzard 2013 – Nemo mania. On Friday, I headed over to my boyfriend’s apartment for an impromptu blizzard party with a bunch of friends, which was a great way to pass the time indoors and stay warm! Due to the immense amount of snow, the driving ban, no public transportation and my promise to make it home for my father’s birthday dinner, I ended up walking 3 miles back to my apartment, which wasn’t nearly bad as I thought. It was very peaceful and pretty in the snow, and there were a ton of people outside sledding and skiing in the streets (as well as shoveling of course).


I made it home in time for a wonderful birthday dinner for my Dad, which of course wasn’t complete without an obligatory 2500 pictures of our puppy. I was able to get in some crafting and nail painting as well.

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Today, I ran to brunch with my oldest friends Carly which was a great way to exercise, eat delicious food and catch up. I capped the day off by getting some Starbucks for the trek home and starting on some homemade Valentine’s. All in all a great weekend despite the blizzard!

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A big thanks to all the amazing plowers and shovelers for all their hard work. It’s a daunting task, but so appreciated!