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A lot of people over the years have pegged Sienna Miller as copying Kate Moss’ style. Yes they are both blonde British style icons and trend setters. And yes, they tend to have the same rocker/boho chic look. However, for me there is something inherently different about their particular styles, but I don’t know if I can necessarily put my finger on it or even articulate it. I would say Ms. Miller has a California/carefree spirited and softer look infused with her Brit/boho/rocker style that perhaps sets her apart from Moss? Something like that…

Either way, I adore her style and always look at pictures of her for inspiration. I love the way she puts different pieces, layers and silhouettes together. She always looks relaxed and at ease in her clothing!

Here is my inspiration board:siennaWhat do you think? Can you see a difference between Sienna Miller’s and Kate Moss’ style?