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Last Wednesday I was invited to visit 19th Amendment’s design studio by co-founder and designer extraordinaire Amanda Curtis. What is 19th Amendment? I’m glad you asked…


19th Amendment is a new Boston fashion and technology start-up that is revolutionizing the fashion design process! How? 19th Amendment is creating an interactive platform and portfolio tool for fashion designers, that simultaneously allows designers to showcase their work online and consumers to view, critique, vote and purchase the designs themselves (a little like online Project Runway). But wait, it gets even better. Once a certain amount of designs have been purchased, 19th Amendment manufactures them and ships them to the consumer’s door. So cool right?

I am so excited about 19th Amendment for many, many reasons. Some among them:

1. They are helping to bring fashion and technology together. For someone who has their foot in both doors, I think this rocks.

2. They are helping to foster countless inspiring fashion designers into making their dreams a reality. I think that speaks for itself.

3. They are helping to close the always present gap between creativity and funding. While I’m not a fashion designer (although at one point I wanted to be), I totally understand the hardship of trying to ‘make it’ in a creatively based career, without having unlimited funds to rely on.

4. They are helping to kick up the Boston fashion scene! Woo hoo!

I loved touring 19th Amendment’s studio and meeting Amanda in person. Let’s just note that Amanda is very much into vintage and Audrey Hepburn. Obviously I was very excited (understatement) about that.


Here are some of her sketches and her couture pieces – so beautiful!


Not only is she a talented fashion designer, she also paints…


I can’t wait to see more from 19th Amendment and how they inspire designers and consumers alike. They are definitely a company to watch and I’m sure we are going to see great things from them!

Check out 19th Amendment here and request a free invite to be in the know!