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TRUE STORY: I’m leaving on my very first business trip ever tomorrow morning (albeit to Greenwich, CT and at 5am). Now considering I’ve spent the better half of the past two years working from home and the two years before that working at a boutique where I only wore black, the amount of chic business wear in my closet is, um, severely lacking. And due to the craziness that has been the past few weeks, I’ve had neither the time or money to buy more work-appropriate attire. I spent a little time in the car the other day scouring my favorite fashion blogs on posts about creating pretty work outfits and have a few ideas on how I can take some pieces that I currently own and make them look super professional and perhaps a little stylish as well…

I have some blazers


Some blouses (my ironing skills are not what they used to be)


…and some tops


Pants – yes I am including my silky harem pants


Heels that are walk-able (Hello, Manolo and Stuart!)

work shoes

Some accessories

work bling


Here’s the thing about a work dress – I don’t really have one. I have dresses that could be used for work, but then I get anxious about the whole stockings/no stockings thing (I know, I have real problems). I mean, I guess I just don’t know what’s appropriate here, especially since this Spring weather is so awkward. SO, I’m just going to avoid the whole dress thing completely… I think…


Hopefully, I will look the part (kinda like Elle Woods going to Law School?) and be less awkward than normal when ‘schmoozing’ (although I’m not counting on that).


Wish me luck – I will let you know how it goes!



The conference went really well and I think I was totally,appropriately dressed. The first day I wore the peter pan collared top I got in Paris, peplum blazer, skinny black pants and spectator kitten heels.


Turns out every male was pretty much wearing jeans and a button down and the women had a mix of jeans, black pants and dresses (without stockings!).

The hotel I stayed at was super cool – very ‘futuristic’. There were about 2 ipads in every room (including the bathroom), things were motion censored and furniture was very modern. There was also a chocolate bar in the hotel, as well as a wine cellar and some pretty interesting art work:

jhouseYou better believe I pulled out my harem pants on day two. Not only were they super comfortable for my 14 hour day, but I got a lot of compliments (from females obviously – they are harem pants after all) and when they asked where they were from, I said Forever 21 with pride. I paired them with a black silky top, long cardigan and my kitten heel Manolos (via ebay!). No outfit picture, but you can see a glimpse of it (below) when I finished the day at the hotel chocolate bar and had mint chocolate chip gelato.

conference2After my 4 am wake up call and drive back this morning, I am at home with my conference goodies – aka a swag button and L’Occitane toiletries from the hotel.