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Clueless will always be one of my favorite movies if only for the fact that it was the first movie I was not allowed to watch and did it anyways (sorry mom!). But it in all seriousness, between the fashion, the catchphrases and valuable lessons in high school social decorum, it kind of defined the 90’s for me (and let’s be honest, subsequently set unrealistic expectations for my high school experience).


I learned what an Alaia was, all about Calvin Klein, trust Polaroids over mirrors, the importance of grooming, how retail therapy is essential in any stressful situation and the cute-ness that is Paul Rudd.

Here are some of my favorite style moments


plaidclueless2Hats and Headbands

hatsheadbandscluelessKnee Highs and Mary Janes

kneesockCher’s outfits in general…



One last thing… is there such thing as Cher’s computer outfit picker? If so, why don’t I have it?