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In times of sadness and struggle, I like to distract myself with things that I know will make me laugh or at least crack a smile. My stand-by will always be watching ‘Friends’, but for the past year, I’ve been loving the comedy ‘New Girl‘ which features Zooey Deschanel as, you guessed it, Jess the ‘New Girl’. While I think Zooey is amazingly awkward and funny in the show, her three male co-stars, make the show what it is: a hilarious, feel-good, lovable show about a group of friends who live together in a loft. I always look forward to tuning into ‘New Girl’ on Tuesdays for some awkward situations, quality laughs and to take a break from the day-to-day madness of real life.


While Jess’s (Zooey) style isn’t necessarily my style, I like her cute, quirky and feminine outfits, that tend to have a touch of whimsy!



Get the look

Get the look: Jess from New Girl


Sleeveless dress / Love topshop dress, $61 / H&M h m dress, $20 / American Eagle Outfitters sheer t shirt / Petite Collection chunky cardigan, $34 / Madewell anchor sweater / Woolrich plaid pajamas / Uniqlo / Loafer shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc and marc jacob, $61 / Jeepers Peepers clear eyeglass / Rimmel mascara, $7.61 / Clinique


Of course I will always have a soft spot for Schmidt’s style and personality in general: