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Love them or not, the Olsen twins are a fashion force to be reckoned with and they have been for quite some time. I happen to find their style, interesting, intriguing, inspiring and very unique. It’s fascinating to see how their style has evolved and how it has influenced women around the world and in the fashion industry, in which they are a definite power house. To me, Ashley seems to have developed a more classic and minimalistic based style over the past years, which, of course, she has made distinctly her own and is ultimately reflected in the Olsen’s design brands: The Row, Textile Elizabeth and James and StyleMint. Think luxurious t-shirts, blazers, structured purses, classic denim and trousers, loafers and lady-like heels. I definitely identify more with Ashley’s style over Mary-Kate (although I do enjoy both). Here is some Ashley Olsen style inspiration…

ash balenciaga ashfaves1 ashfaves2

*My take on the outfit on the far right hereashfaves4 ashley dressed2 Ashley scarves ashley stripes ashleydressed1 ashleyfaves ashleyfaves3 AshleyplaidFor more insight on Ashley Olsen and her own style inspirations, check out her book Influence, which she did with her sister Mary-Kate.