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I’m so excited to be heading out to Cape Cod for 2 weeks this weekend. It is one of my most favorite places in the world and it is filled with so many great memories.

I’ve always been a huge beach girl (so you can imagine my delight that I am moving to San Diego), but besides having fun and getting some relaxation in, sun protection is one of my top priorities. It wasn’t always a priority and I ended up paying for it most of the time. I felt very insecure at the beach with my pale skin and dark hair, when my sisters were tan and blond. I always thought that if I just spent a little bit more time in the sun, I would finally get some good color. Never happened. At 27, I feel like I have finally come to terms with my skin, hair etc. and I no longer feel the need to lay out in the sun to get a tan. I bring out my 45+ and slather it on at least twice. While the skin feels like the most important thing to protect, it’s also important to protect your lips and hair as well. But don’t go thinking I go out on the beach in a wet suit and white chalky sunblock. Here is how I do beauty at the beach!



I like to use 45+, but I don’t have a specific brand that I use all the time. I really like Neutrogena though, as they have such a great skincare brand in general. I also really want to try the L’Oreal Sublime Sunblock line (I’ve heard good things about it)! I make sure to apply at least twice, especially after I swim or during the prime hours of sunlight (mid-day). In terms of formulas, I’ve had better experience with lotions than sprays, but I’ll use both. I also don’t normally use a different sunblock for my face, but I know a lot of people who do and a non-oily formula in general will help prevent break-outs.

Eventhough I don’t tan at the beach, I like to have a little color when I am out on the beach in a bikini. I prefer to use self-taning lotion to get my glow and I usually start applying it a few days in advance. I also try to have at least 24 hours after I apply it before I head out into the sun to prevent me from sweating it all off.

Skincare and Sunblock


I usually wear little to no makeup at the beach. The thought of caking it on and letting it sweat off my face is very unpleasant. If I put anything on, it’s probably a BB or CC cream on my face for light coverage. The fact that it has SPF in it is a huge plus, but I also put some actual sunblock on my face to double up. I might add a little under eye concealor and 1 coat of waterproof mascara, but since I am usually wearing sunglasses and/or a hat, I often go without! I am pretty much always applying lip balm but it is especially important when laying out in the sun. While tubes of Vaseline and Aquaphore would normally be my main choices, I run the risk of it melting and exploding in my beach bag – which is not a fun mess to clean up. Instead, I like the classic cherry chapstick, tinted Maybelline Babylips or Nivea lip balm in the cherry tint, which is an awesome alternative to Fresh’s Sugar Lip tints from Sephora (which I also like, but are not super budget friendly).

Beach Makeup

Fresh sugar lip treatment / Beauty product / Beauty productDark Circle Concealer: COVERGIRL Simply Ageless Corrector/ Olay Total Effects CC Cream Tone-Correcting Moisturizer/ Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof Mascara makeup


Since I already have super thick, dry hair, it’s important to keep it protected from the sun, which makes it even more brittle. I like to spray on a little nourishing oil (especially on the ends) before I head out to the beach and try to protect the top of my head and scalp by wearing a cute hat. I also do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair in the shower after a day in the sun.

Sun Haircare

Redken beauty product, $31 / Styling productRedken – UV Rescue Daily Sun MilkAdvanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing BalmAdvanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray/ Creme Tratamento Organix Moroccan Argan Oil


That brings us to accessories of which I am a huge fan (if you couldn’t tell already). I always like to have a hat and sunglasses with UV protection on me. Squinting in the sun is never good and I want to prevent wrinkles on my face from developing. I also usually have an array of hair pins and elastics on me. If I go into the water and wet my hair, I usually do braided pigtails that are loosely tied with an elastic (to get those beach-y waves!), or if I really want to get it out of my face, I’ll roll it into a loose, messy bus and hold it with a claw clip. I hate to use an elastic to put all of my hair up (especially when it’s wet) because I think it has the greatest chance of snagging and breaking my strands (and I am trying to let my hair grow out even more now).

sun protection accessories

Cateye sunglasses / GUESS floppy hat / Sole Society plastic glasses / ASOS / Old Navy floppy hat / American Eagle Outfitters / Cowgirl hat / Charlotte Russe fedora hat / Wayfarer sunglasses / Clear wayfarer glasses / Lands’ End baseball cap / H&M , $12 / Polo Ralph Lauren baseball hat


Abby’s other Beach Beauty Tips

* Bring some sort of cover up in case you do feel yourself starting to get a little burned or if it gets too chilly. I like a men’s oxford or a kaftan.

* Apply sunblock even when it is cloudy or overcast – I’ve gotten some of my worst burns that way.

* Stay hydrated with a lot of water – it will help your whole body in general at the end of the day.

* Have some aloe on hand just in case of a burn.

** MOST importantly, try not to pick your body apart when you are out on the beach in a bathing suit. It defeats the purpose of relaxing and chances are, you are the only one fixating on it. If you really feel like it, throw in a few sit ups before you head to the beach. Focus on having a fun and enjoyable time!


I’ll be coming to you from Chatham next week! Have a wonderful weekend!

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