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Sometimes it can take a while to get adjusted to a new place. Having moved around a lot, there are certain things that always make me feel more at home and settled in. After moving into the new house last week, I’ve been able to get a bit more comfortable and oriented in my new space. While I didn’t tackle setting up my closet for a few days as I didn’t have any hangers (I ended up buying 100 from Walmart and have the remainder still stored in my plastic bins), I immediately set up my bedside table and what I call my ‘play station’. We are using the top of my bureau for our flat screen so I decided to use this trunk (which hadn’t found a place yet) as a spot to put some of my most important possessions… photos, jewelry and other accessories and inspiration. When CMV came back into our room after my afternoon of re-arranging, he said “now, it looks like Abby has moved in” and I said “yes it does… and it looks fabulous”. I totally felt more at home.


I’m not able to put out all my scarves, hats, bags, shoes etc, so I only chose to put out pieces that give me some Fall inspiration like structured bags (and a Gucci backpack), plaid scarves and loafers.



My friends light up my life – I love having photos of them around!



My jewelry collection has been built up fast since most of it was stolen two years ago. Most pieces I have bought with friends, or when I was traveling or have been passed on from other family members! The two holders were given to me by my fashionista bestie Kelsey before she moved to London. Having my jewelry displayed on them always reminds me of her!



 I also made a little ‘blogging area’ aka a place to put my lap top, camera, pens, notepads, business cards – what have you – as well as my framed Globe article for motivation.


Utilizing all space and surfaces, I used my bed stand to hold some of my favorite fashion and style coffee table books (the rest were put in storage – for now) as well more accessories/inspiration.




On the top of my bed side I have a note pad, Aquaphor, Lavender spray (from Whole Foods), my favorite Jo Malone scents and a Good Luck candle my sister gave me before I left!6294playstation2

And here’s a little sneak peek at my closet – it’s a bit messy and disorganized – but it’s so good!


Totally trying to keep my Fall ‘stuff’ most visible and put the summer-y stuff towards the back…



I’m sure in the coming weeks I’ll be moving things around because, hey that’s just what I do, but for now, I’ve made myself quite at home…

Thanks for reading!

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