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I wasn’t always a huge fan of navy because I thought that black went with so much more. So when I had the option to buy something in black or navy, I always went for black. That being said, I also was a little bit more traditional when dressing and ‘stuck to the rules’. In no way, shape or form did I like to mix navy and black or black and brown, both combinations which I happily do today. In the recent years, I’ve become more fond of navy. I can’t really say what swayed me back to the color, but I think it might have something to do with my grandmother, my association with navy being elegant, and a bag

A few years ago my grandmother gave me a structured, navy bag from her closet. Initially I loved it just because she gave it to me (and I loved anything she was willing to pass on to me), but I also thought it was cool and vintage-y and that I could make it work. And I did make it work, and I grew to really love the actual bag for its shape, color and size. Fast forward to this Summer….

When we were dining together on the cape, she mentioned that she had bought a navy bag in downtown Chatham earlier that day as she had a beloved navy cardigan and some loafers and no bag to match. She had found an inexpensive but pretty bag in one of the local boutiques – a bag which my mother and I promptly went in search of the next day (I ended up with a camel colored one and my mom, a white one – she really does have amazing taste)! When I was packing up my closet in Cambridge a week later and going through all my clothes and accessories, it hit me, she had given me her navy bag – her only navy bag!

I hope she knows how much I love the bag (and the camel colored one which I would have not found if it weren’t for her keen and savvy eye) and I can’t wait to sport it this season. I think there is something so chic and rich looking about navy and it’s perfect for Fall – which brings me to the good news…there are so many beautiful navy items out right now and you can get really nice, expensive looking pieces for an inexpensive price! Here are some of my favorites…

crazy about navy

 3 1 Phillip Lim dress $49.9 / Closet navy pencil dress $59 / Topshop navy sweatshirt hoody $45 / Boohoo sweater $20 / Wallis blazer $26 / Topshop pants $45 / Mango straight skirt $35 / Topshop navy blue skirt $84 / Gap navy glitter shoes $40 / Ankle booties $65 / Nine West navy blue suede pumps $89 / Zara shoulder bag $50 / Zara messenger bag $80 / ASOS navy purse $35.60 / Wallis navy blue jewelry $9 / Blu Bijoux earrings $20 / River Island wool hat, $35 / Forever 21 navy blue shawl $10.80 / Smashbox navy eye makeup $22 / Essie nail polish $8 / MADEWELL FairEnds™ Flannel Baseball Hat $48

Are you crazy about navy? Or do you prefer to stick to black?